Saturday, July 11, 2009

MAP of TASTE & TOUR 2009


  1. OK wait....I'm still confused. I buy a ticket, the trolley takes me around to ALL the restaurants listed or only SOME of the restaurants listed? Also - am I reading this correctly that I need to block out four full hours?

  2. where is the trolley schedule?

  3. Tim, nope no need to block off 4 full hours. If you're tired and you want to go back to your car, get on the trolley at one of the stops (which I just posted) and you can head back home.

    Nina, The trolley will be coming around every 30 minutes to each stop. Most of the street is walkable. So if you start over at Piedmont, there's Franco, Madame Bell (not part of the tour, but she's pretty cool), Ursula, Nakato, Woodfire Grill, what used to be a Tennis apparel shop, dry cleaner, Johnny's, ROXX Tavern, Flora Dora, Las Margaritas. So that's all walkable. You can catch the trolley across the street at Antiques & Beyond and go shop there, go to Colonnade, either go back and catch the trolley @ Antiques again OR walk to Nino's and Topaz salon and catch a trolley there.

    The idea is to experience Cheshire Bridge. If you get scared, run to the closest Trolley stop. We'll come get you.